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Shed away those post St. Patrick's day #MondayBlues with some beautiful photos of Dublin, Ireland! During and  all of the parading, and public events, Dublin is a charming town, full of history and wonder.

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A Beyond All Inclusive Luxury Puerto Vallarta Resort
Discover a breathtaking all-inclusive resort on the Puerto Vallarta coast of Mexico. The azure waters of Banderas Bay, white sand beaches and green fairways captivate your senses. Reinventing the all-inclusive concept, Grand Velas offers a "Beyond All Inclusive, Beyond All Compare" vacation experience with exceptional dining, exquisite suites and luxury service on Mexico's golden coast. Experience the only all-inclusive resort in the Mexican Pacific awarded Five Diamonds by AAA. Embrace radiant sunsets, the ocean rhythm and the spirit of Mexico.
Rejuvenate Your Spirit at our Riviera Nayarit Resort
Designed with contemporary Mexican architecture and tropical landscapes, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit is a magnificent Puerto Vallarta resort and spa. Feel the essence of Mexico from the moment you walk into the beautiful lobby with fountains and ocean breezes. Awaken to the waves and stunning views of the ocean and Sierra Madre Mountains from your terrace. Savor innovative world cuisines at chef-inspired restaurants. Indulge your body and soul at our spectacular Spa. Relax on our serene beach or take a swim in the infinity pool. Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit resort is a refuge for your soul.

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Dream Weddings at The Grand at Moon Palace

While any of the resorts within the Gulf of Mexico may seem like a prime place for a dream wedding, it’s the little things that add up to make your big day a perfect paradise. Case in point: dream weddings at The Grand at Moon Palace. Between its magnificent wedding venues, sprawling tropical resort and top-notch service, The Grand at Moon Palace has the complete package when it comes time to pick your place for saying “I do.”


While all resorts claim to offer considerable service, it’s the fine details that truly make for considerate service. From the second that your plane touches down in Cancun, The Grand is dedicated to your utmost comfort: between chartering your ground transport to the resort, greeting you with a cool towel and beverage, to the delectable gourmet chocolates you’ll find left for you daily, it’s the perks you didn’t even know to look for that let The Grand stand above its counterparts.


Everyone likes to have options in life, and wedding venues are no exception. Thankfully, The Grand offers a plethora of options for your consideration: a sleek religious chapel, breezy seaside gazebos, sunny beachside terraces, grand indoor ballrooms and more, all just waiting to stage the scenes of your dream wedding.


In between your arrival, your ceremony and your departure, you’re bound to have some downtime. And, in case you prefer your seaside escape to have a little less saltwater, The Grand at Moon Palace has a total of nine pools to peruse. With two adults-only pools, and on certain days featuring a live DJ and Grey Goose Bar, you’ll be able to easily find whatever your flavor of relaxation is.


Just because the resort is in Mexico doesn’t mean that you’re constrained to only eating (delicious) Mexican food. The Grand at Moon Palace has a whole host of delectable dining options only a scenic stroll away from your room. Whether you’re in the mood for Asian, French, Italian, Lebanese, Steakhouse, Spanish tapas, Peruvian or authentic mouthwatering Mexican cuisine, there’s a meal to be savored for even the most finicky wedding guests.


Compared to some of its immediate regional counterparts, The Grand at Moon Palace is simply grander — 1,316 all-inclusive rooms call for a sprawling estate of luxury. And nestled inside this opulent expanse is something for everyone: the sports bar, bowling alley, fully-stocked fitness center, water park, live nightly shows and 76,875 square foot Golf Course and Spa Resort sees to that. Everyone can have the trip of a lifetime, without ever having to venture off the resort.


The final piece that makes The Grand at Moon Palace the complete package? The cost. The Grand has an exceptional incentives program for any potential wedding, with perks like resort credits for all wedding guests and free hours for private events. Both guests and hosts alike will be amazed at how much it pays to stay in luxury.

Ready to stop dreaming and start setting up your happily ever after at The Grand Moon Palace Cancun? First, talk with one of our Travel Specialists to make certain you’re making the most of its offerings.


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#TravelTipThursday  |  May 16th, 2019

Your Caribbean Vacation Packing List



Make sure that you’ve got your passport with you at all times. You’ll also want to make sure that you follow the 6-month validity rule, which means that your passport will not expire within that time frame. If anything goes wrong and there is a significant delay in your return, it can be extremely hard to get back into your home country. Just remember, when it comes to your passport, better safe than sorry.


As for any vacation, the most important items on your Caribbean vacation packing list are different clothing appropriate for all types of weather. Hopefully, your time in paradise is truly that—sunny with a light breeze.

However, we live in the real world and Mother Earth always seems to have a few tricks up her sleeve. Make sure to bring an outfit or two that will be compatible with rainy days. Check the weather forecast before you leave to check for possible unusual phenomena or possible travel delays.


If everything goes according to plan, your Caribbean vacation will be filled to the brim with long days of lounging on the beach or swimming in the ocean to your heart’s content. All of that fun in the sun will do your body good—spending time in the sunlight is the best way to get your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D, not to mention you’ll be flooded with feel-good endorphins after a day on the beach.

But you’ll most definitely want to pack enough sunscreen to last the trip, or at least buy sunscreen once you get to your hotel. Overexposure to the sun can result in a nasty sunburn—obviously not how you want to spend your vacation—but can also add to a likelihood of developing something more serious down the road. Sunscreen can help you have a good time without feeling the aftereffects.


Let’s be honest: you’re most likely using your phone for all of your vacation pics (though we do recommend getting a waterproof disposable camera if you go snorkeling or scuba diving). If you’ll be using your phone throughout your vacation, you’ll want to bring along a phone charger throughout the day in case of an emergency. The great news is that the outlets and plugs in the Caribbean are compatible with the ones in the United States, so Americans won’t need to worry about finding the right converter for their devices. Keep one charger in your bag or purse and another in your hotel or cruise accommodations, so you’re ready for anything.


Haven’t arranged your dream Caribbean vacation yet? Don’t worry! Our Caribbean experts can help you plan your ideal getaway to this tropical wonderland. We recommend experiencing the Caribbean with a cruise—after all, it’s a floating hotel ready to charter you to some of the best places in the region. And, Celebrity Cruises has perfected the art of vacationing to the Caribbean, with delicious cuisine, comfortable accommodations and exciting shore excursions for all. Talk to one of our expert travel agents today about traveling to the Caribbean with Celebrity Cruises, and you’ll be vacationing in paradise before you know it.


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#FoodieFriday  |  May 17th, 2019


Big Taste in The Last Frontier

“The Last Frontier” is an incredibly exciting place to be in many regards, but doesn’t get the credit it deserves for its culinary scene. Big open country helps provide big flavors and taste-bud goldmines. Finding the quintessential Alaskan eats is far easier than panning for gold if you know what you’re looking for. Here are a few staples of Alaskan cuisine you don’t want to miss.


With 224.6 million salmon caught in Alaska in 2017, you can expect the delightfully tasty fish to pop up on just about every menu in the state. No exception to the rule is your typical community BBQ or picnic. Instead of burgers or brats as the centerpiece on the grill, it’s salmon.

Salmon bakes are a perfect way to enjoy one of the primary offerings of Alaskan cuisine. Often outdoors (and often all you can eat), hundreds will gather to enjoy this Alaskan staple. Load up your plate with savory wood-fired grilled Alaskan salmon before sharing a table and conversation with soon-to-be friends. Most towns in Alaska will have at least one salmon bake to check out, but the Gold Creek Salmon Bake in Juneau often tops the list of favorites.


Perhaps the only thing that can rival salmon as the apex of Alaskan cuisine is the Alaskan king crab. Native to the Bering Sea, this crustacean is the star of the hit tv show The Deadliest Catch and revered for its incredibly sweet meat.

With the added benefit of location, you can experience the thrill of the catch as an appetizer to the dish—there are plenty of Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s tours to consider. Many provide the chance to haul in a cage of the sea critters yourself, perfect for working up an appetite before returning to land. And, if you’re in search of a fresh twist on the tasty classic, The Crab Station at Icy Strait Point is the king of King Crab Bloody Marys.


Not quite as widely known as the former two, but every bit as quintessential to the identity of Alaskan cuisine, reindeer hot dogs are a beloved street food invented within the state. Consisting of a grilled Alaskan caribou sausage, Coca-Cola grilled onions, mustard, relish, and cream-cheese if you get it Seattle-style, reindeer hot dogs can make for both a midday meal or delicious snack on the go. Reindeer hot dogs originated with a single hot dog cart in Anchorage, but can now be enjoyed from plenty of street vendors, thanks to their popularity.


Alaskan oysters are unique, not just by seafood standards, but by oyster standards. Oysters aren’t native to Alaska. While the waters are just warm enough for them to live there, it’s too cold for them to reproduce. But, the waters are full of substantial amounts of plankton for them to feed on—making for an interesting paradox to their viability in Alaska.

The solution is a testament to modern science: the oysters are grown in a local lab and then planted in the Alaskan waters to be harvested at a later date. Because they never reach sexual maturation in the cold waters, and they never touch the seafloor, the oysters here enjoy an overindulged life and thrive unlike anywhere else. The result is a cleaner and plumper oyster in every sense, translating to a crisper and fresher taste.


While Alaska is known far and wide for the nature and adventure it offers, its best-kept secret is its beer. Alaska ranks eighth in the United States of breweries per capita. Beer flows here like the many mountain streams—but with comparatively less salmon swimming about.

Because of the abundance, there are plenty of options for enjoying Alaskan brews. The town of Haines hosts the Haines Brewing Company as well as the Port Chilkoot Distillery if you’re in the mood for something stronger. But, truth be told, beer pairs best with the Great Outdoors. Juneau is home to both the Alaskan Brewing Company and a Bike & Brew Glacier View tour, allowing you to cycle right up to the renowned Mendenhall glacier before concluding the tour with a refreshing beer tasting.


The proper way to wash down all the savory dishes above is with something sweet. Berry cobbler is prominent in Alaska and often boasts a medley of wild berries: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cloudberries, salmonberries, lingonberries and moss berries are all possible inclusions in the cobbler, adding up to be a complex-tasting treat for your taste buds.

Ready to set out and treat your taste buds to an Alaskan adventure? Contact one of our specialists today, and they can help you with every facet of your trip. From recommending restaurants to try to booking with industry-leading cruise lines, tasting all that Alaskan cuisine offers has never been easier.

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