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Why Use A Travel Advisor?

Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming. A travel advisor not only arranges the various modes of transportation, but can also save you money with early booking discounts, special fares, hotel deals, and travel advisories.


Instead of sifting through countless websites, guidebooks or posts from your friends on social media, you deserve a hassle-free vacation planned by a professional, saving you valuable time.

Save Money

Travel advisors have exclusive access to special travel fares and discounts, guaranteeing you're getting the best value. You want real benefits and a travel advisor can provide that for you.

Personal Attention

Travel advisors take pride in helping make your trip one-of-a-kind. When using online booking sites, you never know who to contact or where to get guidance from. From planning until you return, you have someone by your side just a phone call or email away.

Expert Advice

Travel advisors are educated travelers who know the world, they will guide you where you want to go. So take advantage of their expertise to help create your dream vacation. Go to places that you cannot Google!

Then Why Preferred Travel Services?

Because travel is all about the journey, and we can take you there.

We pride ourselves in creating perfect tailor-made journeys with every detail in mind. Through our extensive professional background and personal travel experience, our travel agency provides exemplary customer service and a level of expertise that ensures a stress-free, customized vacation. We will have the answer to your much anticipated statement, "Tell me something that I cannot Google". Although the Internet is a wonderful resource, it cannot provide you with sound advice, it can only give you probabilities. We approach your trip planning from a high level of experience, education, and knowledge. After all, there are no do-overs for vacations gone wrong. 
Our Travel Experts provide one-on-one assistance, advice, and arrange your trips down to the finest detail, creating a personalized, tailor-made experience which caters to all of your needs as our VIP client! Our Travel Experts specialize in everything from destination weddings, honeymoons or romantic getaways, active and adventure travel, group travel, historical and cultural excursions, family vacations, Disney vacations, cruise and relaxing beach vacations-- even business travel.
Our Travel Experts have completed extensive training to earn the title of specialist in specific destinations, such as Russia, France, Italy, or Tahiti. Our agents have also earned certifications, such as Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Specialist, Luxury Destination Specialist, or as experts with individual cruise lines, tour companies, hotels and more. Whatever type of travel you're seeking-- leisure or business, our agents have the education, first-hand travel experience and travel industry relationships to help make your dream vacation a reality.

Travel Services We Offer:

Customized Travel Itineraries
Ocean and River Cruises
Private and Group Sightseeing
Guided/Escorted Tours
Hotel Booking
Special Interest Travel
Flights (Domestic and International)
Travel Insurance
Train Tickets (Europe)
Professional Travel Consultation




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